Lital Ophir interior design studio is a young Tel-Aviv based studio.
The studio specializes in contemporary residential and commercial spaces.
Our designs are known for their simplicity, minimalism and functionality.
The spaces we create are characterized by a warm sense of feeling using a bright palette of colors alongside natural materials such as wood. This, with a fine sense of esthetics, and smart design solutions creates a unique design tailored-made for each client.
We give our clients full interior design service; from identifying spaces and potential, creating a design concept, preliminary sketches and technical work plans, picking a color palate , materials, furniture and designing costume-made furniture,  and an on-site supervision.
We believe in the highest level of design; professionalism, precision and sophistication next to innovation and creativity while maintaining maximum functionality.
About Lital
I grew up absorbing the values of art, beauty and esthetics.
My passion for the arts led me my whole life. From designing my own room as a child with unique colors and original décor,  through studying sculpture, painting and graphic design. I even designed my own jewelry at one point.
Following my release from the Israeli army, it was clear to me I would study architecture.
But life had a different plan for me and I found myself graduating law school and becoming a lawyer.
It was only years later I understood that I have to fulfill my calling, and turn my passion for design into a career.
I than studied interior design, graduate with excellence and founded my own design studio.
And as Confucius said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.